Blaze is the Potato Dragon Master. He has the powers to summon a Potato Dragon by doing its summoning chant. He serves mostly the Potato King, but also serves the princess some times.

His Potato Dragons are very powerful. The most powerful Potato Dragon (Light Potato Dragon), destroyed an entire French Fry army. Blaze is know to have 10 powerful dragons. Their names are: Light Potato Dragon, Dark Potato Dragon, Smashing Potato Dragon, Trolley Rolley Potato Dragon, Inferno Potato Dragon, Blue-Eyes Potato Dragon, Red-Eyes Potato Dragon, Green-Eyes Potato Dragon, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Potato Dragon, and Galaxy-Eyes Potato Dragon.

Blaze in his Dragon Master armor.

Weapons and PowersEdit

Weapon #1: The Sword of Ranarok

Weapon #2: The Battle Axe of Power

Weapon #3: Dragon Flute

Weapon #4: Potato Sword

Power #1: The Power to Summon Dragons

Power #2: Potato Charm


Ahead of Blaze: Sir Konota

Second in command after Blaze: Potato Archer: Billybennai

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