AVI Collection Chihaya 02

Current Potato Princess: Chihaya Kisaragi

This is the Potato Princess. She is currently next to be throne as Potato Queen, with her brother, the Potato Prince next to be Potato King: as well. She shares a loving relationship with her brother. She also is one of the founders for Potato Kingdom. She likes to repay people for their deeds with kisses, but her older brother prevents her from doing so, because he cannot bear to see his lovely sister with anyone else.

With her brother, they're usually kinky with each other. And on some days, she and her brother make Potato Love, and they do make sure to use Potato Protection to prevent from having Potato Children. But for some odd reasons, the Potato Kingdom tends to be attacked when this is happening, from things like the French-Fried Potato Dragon. So the Princess hired a group of people to fend off these creatures, like the Potato Knight, Potato Mage, and the Potato General, and Potato Army paying them with lots of Potato Chips.

The Princess usually likes to eat whatever if fancy with her brother. But she does hang out with other people while her brother is away, like with the Potato King. She also likes to dress in a very fashionable way, in her cute Potato Clothes her brother buys her.

Potato Princess Outside

Potato Princess outside in Potato Kingdom

Overall, she is a nice princess, and adores treating everyone nicely. One day, she'd like to be remembered as the best Potato Princess in all of Potato History.